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Wrapped in the scent of plumeria

Please spend a relaxing time in the salon wrapped in the aroma of plumeria aroma, the name of the salon. Our customers have also received a very good reputation as "a very elegant and elegant scent".
In addition, please be assured that we do not perform any aggressive solicitation.

Recommended points of salon


All organic skin-friendly cosmetics

We try to select products that put our customers' skin first, and do not use any irritating cosmetics or oils.
A patch test is also possible in advance.
Please consult with customers with weak skin.


Attentive counseling

Carefully counseling the customer's wishes, physical condition, and concerns. For example, please feel free to consult us about anything that you feel you do not have this treatment. We aim to be a salon where customers can easily consult any trivial matter.


Always provide the latest equipment

We are always focusing on new technologies, not just the current menu, and trying to provide the best service to our customers after actually testing the effects.

Job Information

We are looking for estheticians.

Inexperienced people are welcome. Please contact us first!