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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there any charge other than the display?

A. Yes. It does not take at all.

Q. What are the payment methods?

A. Cash, credit card payment, and various electronic money can be used.

Q. Is there any support in case of emergency?

A. Yes. Please be assured that we can introduce partner medical institutions.

Q.Can I do treatment before and after drinking?

A. We are sorry but we cannot accept it.
This is because treatment before and after drinking is very likely to cause major problems with the body. Please note.

Q. How pace do I go?

A. It depends on the treatment course, so please check directly with the store.

Q. Can I make a reservation?
A. Yes, please contact your store directly.
Q. Can I go to other stores?
A. Yes, you can continue the treatment with confidence even if you move.
Q. I want to work as an esthetician.
A. We are recruiting from time to time. Please contact us from our HP inquiry.

Job Information

We are looking for estheticians.

Inexperienced people are welcome. Please contact us first!